Saturday, June 10, 2006

Björn at the County Champs

Sadly we didn't get any stills - only videos which I can't upload to the blog (too stupid, I guess), but we have reason to be very proud of Björn today. He competed in the county champs and came second in the junior boys' javelin event. He gets to compete next week in the intercounties and may go on to the England champs if that goes well.

Just in case anyone else is trying to keep up with his love life, he and Gemma are a thing of the past, and he is now dating Becca. Becca, like both her predecessors, goes to our church and is blonde and pretty. Like Chrissy, she is a year ahead of him at school - that seems far more commonplace than in my day (said she, sounding like an old lady!).


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